From Tin Can to Soft Pack

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I’m not quite certain where to begin this post – we are at crossroads right now. Big leaps, jumps and bounds of transition for us. It is so interesting how change – even good change – can be unsettling. Funnier still, is this has been a long awaited transition, and yet I’m still a little off guard.

Earlier This Week

Our Labor Day camping on the Oregon Coast was spectacular. Our first-come site took a little getting used to, but we grew to appreciate this spot. We sort of felt we were on an island, since we were just outside the park, and there was just us on this “loop”.

Soon, we found our favorite rock to take coffee in the morning. A rock built for two. We’d wait for the sun to hit our shoulder before we’d take a walk or another cup of joe.

coastal sun and shade

Here Comes The Sun!

We had the only site with a water view. It also was the only site that abutted the busy day use parking. But, hey, we got to engage the jetty fishers on their way in, or out, of the shore.

Blue Heron with Noir filter

Blue Heron in Noir

Blue Heron in jetty pool

Blue Heron without a filter

boat fishermen in barview jetty

sun poking through trees

I’d say we have 10 minutes before the sun nudges us. . .

Once the sun – yes, SUN on a morning Oregon coast –  broke through, we would contemplate our next move.

I Can Contemplate A Long Time

I have a particular trait (likely an Anselm trait??) that is not appreciated by my mate. I can look at “a problem” for a very long time. Not a life-threatening problem, just a situational problem. I can digest its many angles for hours. Apparently, how I choose to fill a 22 pound pack is not worthy of this much contemplation.

I had to agree, I was spending way too much time on my pack. I’d add something, then pull something out. Which meant I had store it. Which meant I had to organize where that item should go. I’d go through the closet, glovebox, the pantry, the bucket, the bench…Stare at it. Then change it again.

When I needed anything, I couldn’t find it. I had moved things so many times. What the heck was getting in to me!??

It took me a while to realize this organizational stare-down wasn’t the problem. It was just worry taking over. Anxious energy that I couldn’t put to good use. Woody had helped me rein it in. You know, get out for longer walks, stick your feet in the ocean for some shock therapy – that sort of stuff.

couple hugging a vanagon

NOT just any tin can…!

At the moment I’m feeling pretty comfortable with the situation. It is, what it is. And, after all, I have a one way ticket to Madrid. No one complaining here.

Trading in the Hard Pack for a Soft Pack

We found a cozy spot to store our van. And cleverly, if I say so myself, the facility is next to a casino that has free bus service to Portland.

van covered

Wrapped up like a chrysalis

This is what we look like now (sorta – it was taken in February):

If it isn’t in the pack – we can get it there!

While I’m a little sad to leave the familiarity of our Thor adventures behind us, I am even more excited about what lies ahead. For an undetermined amount of time we will be living from these packs!

I look forward to taking this show on the world stage, and sharing our story from distant shores.


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8 thoughts on “From Tin Can to Soft Pack

  1. John Stipan

    Stepping into a world that is filled with wonder and danger. There is admiration, strangeness, be cautious but welcome the unexpected. I’m happy you’re sharing this marvel time. Do not let fear dominate you. Face danger but don’t create it. Spain, huh?! I’ll look forward to seeing your pix. The heron pix are beautiful. We haven’t burned in Cascade Locks, at times we were scared at other times we found beauty in it. We’re dealing with smoke today. It really is a Present Moment kind of world. Enjoy the present moment. It truly is sacred. I love you guys, John

    1. Hali Post author

      I have been thinking of you and Brenda out there in the danger zone – those fires must be way too close for comfort! I appreciate your words of wisdom…

    1. Hali Post author

      Thank you Bob! And as to Carli: she is safe and sound, though without power since yesterday (Sunday) early evening. Oh, and she said she didn’t get much sleep with the howling winds and some neighbor fences crashing down. She moved her chrysalises into the garage and learned she had a butterfly this morning! It’s staying in the garage until the winds die down. Thanks for following!


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