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With a wine stain on my jeans, and a leaked-pen-stain on our slacks (both of us) we left the southern shores of France. Woody’s stain looks a little like the Hawaiian Islands, mine = Japan. If there was a message there, we ignored it and headed to the Grecian Islands. Another dream come true… to visit GREECE. I largely hold my Mom accountable,

folk dancers

Mom on the left… and may be Balkan, rather than Greek (??)

she still teaches Greek folk dances (among others.) I grew up drinking it in, reaching on tip-toes to hold on to adult shoulders. On the other hand, Greece is home of the Olympics, the birthplace of Western civilization, philosophy & logic… and the National Geographic’s exposés of this destination… doesn’t it just call to you? Well, here I am.


Landing in early evening, our AirBnb host picked us up from the Airport. For a fee, less than a taxi, Yiorgos escorted us right to our front door – Uber is not allowed in Greece. In the 45 minute trip from the airport, we got the low down on Athens….

to Yiorgos…

For example, there are 4 million people living in Athens, it is not pedestrian friendly – you take your life in your hands crossing the street, there are thieving Gypsies everywhere, and his country is as mixed up as the next (insert Trump conversation here.) He pointed out the local grocery, a couple of nearby places to eat, and demonstrated how to make Greek coffee – just like camp coffee! It was dark when we got to our pad, and a little overwhelmed, we stayed close to it – it’d be way too easy to get lost.

By daylight, we could get our bearings, and got down to exploring. Let me share a little of our Athens experience:

My first impressions of Greece… well, Athens, was how well they speak English! Compared to France, there was little/no language barrier. Their kindness, and eagerness to engage the tourists, melted my heart.

Greek Mastika

Compliment of the House – Honey soaked cake, heavy/thick juice and Mastika!

(Maybe another country of Labrador Retrievers 😉)?

Speaking of Retrievers, I was moved by the stray cats, stray dogs which were not nearly as depressing as other country’s strays. In Greece there appeared to be a certain level of compassion to care for them – at least kibble and fresh water.

Grecian Cat

Orange Cat, Orange Door

Then there is the amazing Athens graffiti. Another word we can attribute to the Greeks: graphi – to write. Centuries ago, barons and kings felt it their proper place to carve their history in the stoic columns of Greece. Shouldn’t be a surprise we find similar thinkers take it to another crazy level.

Hydra (or Idra)

Doing a little island hopping we bypassed the biggies, Mykonos and Santorini. Bypass because, well

2 thoughts on “From Nice to Greece

  1. Mormor

    Opa! And yiamas ! All the Greek you need to know. That is one seriously Cheshire cat. Don’t cats always know what color to sit against to make them look good? (The dance is Romanian thanks for the pic)

    1. Hali Post author

      Romanian… I’ll correct the subtitle, thank you! (I was so sure it was Balkan after talking with Yiorgos and sharing the image.)


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