Flip Flops in December!?

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After learning of the record rain storms in our Portland home town, I’m feeling pretty good about the heavy, hot, muggy December weather of Florida. Get this: the AC is on. And, it’s December! Who knew? – not this west-coast gal.

Postcard Wishes!!

Postcard Wishes!

Oh, it’s been raining. Almost daily. Similar to Portland, Floridians don’t carry umbrellas. Unlike Portland, the reason is, that it’ll be over in 5 minutes.

And socks?,

those apparently, are for tennis, golf and bowling. Not galoshes.

Yes, Florida is a state of four seasons: tourist season, summer, hurricane season, and mosquito season. But, don’t ask me which season we’re in, because I’m really not sure.

I’ve also seen, with amazement, that a “good parking spot” has little to do with the distance from the store, but appears to have everything to do with the shade-factor.

Well, so much for a White Christmas.

It's "snowing", it's "snowing", it's "snowing"!!

It’s “snowing”, it’s “snowing”, it’s “snowing”!!

BUT wait, this is the land of magic. And, subtropical weather does not stop snow. Or, I should say, subtropical weather does not stop “snow”.

I'm gonna taste it....

I’m gonna taste it….

And in this “snow”, shirt-sleeves, shorts and flip flops are not out of the question.

Yes, this would take some getting used to.

The Christmas Spirit, sans cold and snow, is very much alive here. Houses are decorated, Salvation Army has their bell ringers, and, unlike the old-fashioned Christmas of my youth:

Prime Time Diner, Hollywood Studios

Prime Time Diner at Hollywood Studios

we have the opportunity to see Christmas Lights that are done Osborne Style. It’s evident the holidays are right around the corner with this spectacle. Feast your eyes on this:







And all these lights are orchestrated to Christmas Music. They literally dance on the buildings, fly in the sky, and bounce across the streets.

Personally, I’m just happy to be in my flip flops.

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6 thoughts on “Flip Flops in December!?

    1. Hali Post author

      Believe it or not, no, we didn’t need to pay for that “snow”, it was free. However, we have seen other “snow” which we did have to pay to see.


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