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Chicagoland, USA. August 7, 2016. This week has been supercharged with activities. And, when I say “activities”, I mean: navigating Chicago’s Tollways, figuring out parking, catching the wrong Uber, taking a train, seeing a show, going on a tour. . . it’s great to be a tourist again! Not that we need an excuse, but Carli was in town, and it’s her birthday month. We can’t always be together on her actual birthday, so we choose days in August we can connect, and do something fun.

Yeah, that's fun.

Yeah, that’s fun.

It began Sunday morning with Swedish pancakes and lingonberry. It’s a tradition in this house, and, no one’s about to argue. Another tradition is the UN-birthday. In essence, everyone receives a wrapped gift from the host or hostess. (Seems our hostess is always Catherine.) You never quite get what you want, but inevitably your neighbor just opened your perfect gift – say, an addition to your coin collection. In an unbirthday, you may trade your gift – as many times as you can, or are able to negotiate.

SCORE: Princess tiara & gloves (it didn't fit Rick anyway)

SCORE: Cinderella tiara & gloves (it didn’t fit Rick anyway)

Sunday supper was at the Lawrence’s, and I still have dreams about that delicious meal. Maybe I need to start taking pictures of food? Not sure why I’ve been opposed to it? Mental note being made here…. Anyway, that was our kickoff.

Carli reveled in how things have not changed around here, she likes things staying the same, “we did the Slip-N-Slide here, we ate spaghetti on these steps, this is where the boat was…. please tell me the sea monster is still there. . .? ”



She is.

Carli got to see her best friend again; older, slower and still her shadow.

Black Dog Fan Club

Black Dog Fan Club

I played photographer:

Peek-a-Boo Tree

Peek-a-Boo Tree

The main event was downtown Chicago. Though construction is everywhere and always, our day in the City was everything you could hope for. We went on a River Cruise by the Chicago Architecture Foundation (no duck boats here) and saw up close, what some of that construction is about. Check out this engineering feat in progress:

150 N Riverside, situated between the river and the railroad

150 N Riverside, situated between the river and the railroad

Here’s a shot from the brochure, photographed from a higher vantage point:

From our brochure

From our brochure

It was as though we were traveling along the river of the Grand City Canyon.

Canyon Walls formed by decades of construction

Canyon Walls formed by decades of construction

You are Here

The “You are Here” Building

We goofed around

We went to the American Girl Place, and learned the Kirsten Larson Doll has been retired. Kirsten was Carli’s special doll, with Swedish heritage. So, she met the newest American Girl Doll, Lea – she seemed cool.

Lea is the latest American Girl

Lea, the new American Girl

We ate Garret Mix popcorn while strolling, and checking out the city’s sculptures:

Monument with Standing Beast aka Snoopy in a Blender

Monument with Standing Beast aka Snoopy in a Blender

This one made me chuckle:



We had Chicago-style pizza at Gino’s East and finished the day with the musical production, Newsies.P1030019

That's good advice

That’s good advice

. . . I think we did just that.

UPDATE: I just got back from a cooking class offered by PIRCH, a place which sells kitchen, bath and outdoor joy. That pretty much sums it up for me… PIRCH = joy. I have been there 5 times in 4 weeks, learning about steam engines – I mean, steam ovens; also, gaining a better understanding of dual stacked burners, gas, electric, French top, convection, pure convection, sealed burners… I’ll sum up the visits by saying, wow. Oh, and, I’m sold on steam ovens.

Thing is, I’m not the one using it. So, today we had some “hands on”, and this it what it looked like:P1030034_2


Chef Liz -

Chef Liz –



We were introduced to vegetables we haven’t seen before, such as purple & white carrots, a watermelon radish (taste was all radish, only the appearance of a mini watermelon)P1030051_2

We learned more than about appliances,

I learned a proper way to hold a knife while chopping

I learned a proper way to hold a knife while chopping

I met knew people

Today's cuteness award goes to . . .  KENNEDY!

Today’s cuteness award goes to . . . KENNEDY!

And, I just took my first photos of food! May need a little more (welcomed) practice.

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5 thoughts on “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

  1. Gayla Trujillo

    Hali I always love reading your blogs!! You & Woody really are good writers!!
    I am so happy you have continued the ” The Un-birthday tradition “!

  2. John Stipan

    Another delightful read Hali! I’ve been on the architectural boat tour… Born & raised in Chicago, I’m rather proud of that town. Thank you for your pix and seeing Black Dog fans Woody & Carly is always a special treat! Love you, John

    1. Hali Post author

      I know you’re from Chi-town John – and there is so much to do, see, eat and play around here, that I completely understand why you wouldn’t hesitate to tell the world, “that’s my City.” Always good to hear from ya! XOXO


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