Defined by Attitude, Not Age

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Another week in Oregon. This time reporting from the high desert, specifically, Bend.

two people poking in a van

Carpet Install #3 Going In

Here, we’ve had opportunities to make some adjustments to the van, do some travel homework, plan for an upcoming family reunion, and get in lots of hikes. Most importantly however, is the opportunity to spend time with my Mom.


By the way, Mom is a Drummer in a Band

How’s that for awesome? It started as a hobby she picked up when she was 81. And, it actually led to some paid gigs. We attended a couple of The Nomad’s rehearsals. I may be a nomad myself, but I’m definitely not-musically inclined. I was fascinated to watch the band negotiate, blend and bend… in order to make a piece come alive. And, there were no music sheets!

Rehearsal is one thing, but for good measure I have to throw in a couple of performance photos others have taken:

music group

Official Band Photo

music group performing

In Action

No Age Limit on Being Cool

One thing my Mom doesn’t seem to get hungup on, is being “cool”. Though to the rest of us, she defines it. I’m learning that it’s a matter of focusing on whatever YOUR true aspirations are. Then, express them as deliriously as you want. She may not stomp out the Flamenco like she used to, but she still heads a weekly Folk Dance group. I’m fairly certain she’d be dancing with a walker, if she had to.

Weather You Think You Can, Or You Think You Can’t… You’re Probably Right

That statement could likely be her slogan. And Mom,? she thinks she can. Twice this week she had her pup out on a 30-45 minute hike, before I was out of bed.

She runs circles around us getting meals prepared. All my little projects – sewing, mending, fixing computer bugs, printing my crap – she eagerly assists.

When I think I’ve covered it, and can wrap up this blog, she tells me she’s meeting a few neighbors in the common area for a couple hours of brush clearing. I remind myself – heck, she’s also the Pres. of the neighborhood homeowner association!


One of Her Secret Weapons?

sound asleep on overstuffed chair

the anti-aging POWER NAP

Power Nap:

Up Next

Today, Sunday, we (Mom, me & Woody) are driving to Truckee, California. I am totally looking forward to catching up with cousins, getting more nature in, and in case it’s raining: board games and jigsaw puzzle!

Stay Tuned… and find out which it is!

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8 thoughts on “Defined by Attitude, Not Age

  1. Susanna Harrison

    Sooo delighted to be following you and Woody on your blog! Even more excited to be able to share a little in the sheer awesomeness of your mom, Audrey. Thanks for the revelations that may give me an inkling about how she does it: mostly magic : ) Love, courage and safe travels to the reunion!

  2. John Stipan

    Hey! I just read my comment! Want to add that I love you guys. Getting to know more about you each read

  3. John Stipan

    I dig your Mom… reminds me of my Mom! And I am a chip off the old block, utilizing Power Naps whenever I see fit! And being fit! Fitting into places that need someone like me that brings my own special recipes, songs, and good cheer. So happy you get to “reunion” with family, friends, and especially your Mom. Ah, ha, another insightful intriguing interesting passports & postcards! Keep em coming xo


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