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We have been experiencing some unusual weather these days: overcast, rainy, and through the windows, appears cold out. But, step outside, and you literally melt due to the heavy humidity. Sort of a rude awakening, when it looks cool and feels tropical.

Woody joined Carli on the flight to Orlando in order to help with some car issues. Simultaneously, Catherine had out-of-town business, so I spent a couple days laying new shelf paper on the top bunk of the van. In our efforts to declutter, we came across a spare roll of Sanitas “modern” wall covering. This heavy-duty wall covering would be an improvement to the van’s current shelf paper solution. As I’m working, I realize the original bunk covering – underneath the old shelf paper – looks just like the Sanitas I’m putting in today.

"NEW" to me

“NEW” to me

Top Bunk Reinvented

Top Bunk Reinvented

I’m so pleased with the outcome, I re-did the cubby holes, and I’ll work on the back of the passenger bench this week. I’ll keep going until it’s gone.

When Woody returned from Orlando, and after he caught up on some yard work, we spent an afternoon at the First Division Museum at Cantigny. We try to go there on every visit. A museum which presents, preserves and honors the history of the 1st Infantry Division of the US Army. Essentially, this division of our military is the first unit of the Army to deploy and engage the enemy. My Grandfather – Farfar – was in this unit. Newly created, and a young recruit, he was on duty at the Western Front in World War I. Cantigny does a wonderful job honoring the men and women who served our country under the Big Red One.

On a slightly different note, they also have magnificent gardens at Cantigny. This gave me opportunity for photo practice, and that’s what follows, a little photo compilation.

This one I dedicate to my niece, Jennifer, an aspiring photographer with a unique eye for the unusual:P1030108

There were plants that seemed prehistoric, maybe from the paleozoic era.P1030093

I engaged a frog in a photo shoot too. I held my breath forever, barely moved a muscle to avoid scaring the little fellow, I began to wonder if it was even real:P1030121



OK, he’s real:P1030115

Few more:






OK, that’s what I got. Thanks for following.

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