Costa Rica: Wrap Up

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map of costa ricaIt’s sort of funny, when Carli suggested we join her in Costa Rica, I quickly remarked that “we’ve been there before.” As if that was sufficient reason not to go back. I had nothing against Costa Rica, it just wasn’t something new. After this trip, I don’t think I could tire of exploring Costa Rica, it offers so much for the nature enthusiast. Today I bring you the highs and lows of our month traveling the country.

Four Faves

1. The Wildlife

Not this wildlife:men gathered around BBQ

I’m talking about the sort more likely in the trees. man in a tree

OK, not that one either 🙂 This is what I’m talking about:

2. The Ocean

I can sit on the beach and people-boat-&-wave-watch endlessly. Usually “doing nothing” is difficult for me, but if waves are included, seems like I can go into a trance-like mood, and just be. It really is a nice thing.

3. The Adventure Options

Costa Rica is a thrill seeker destination and you can pick the level of excitement. Have you heard of a Tarzan Rope Swing?

I didn’t do that. But, I love the endless variety available. We hiked, climbed, swam and crossed long, hanging bridges. We scouted for thermal pools and waterfalls.

4. Learning About A Different Culture

Meeting people, seeing new ways of life, or different ways to live, are my most favorite part of travel.

Four to Abhor


Up next are my least favorite experiences in Costa Rica.

1. The Roads

At first I thrilled at the ride through deep potholes and boulder-sized gravel. It’s amazing what qualifies as roads in Costa Rica. Then we were responsible for our rental car, and my nerves kicked in. The most uncomfortable drive was the unexpected, crappy road. It’s one thing when you know it’s coming. It’s another when you didn’t know it was coming, and have no clue when it – or if it – will ever end. Worse still: crappy road, don’t know when it’ll end, AND no sign of other drivers or civilization. OH, and no cell service!

2. The Cost of Food

Most of the inns included our breakfast meal, so that was one meal we didn’t have to think about. Some of the places had kitchens we could use, so we managed to prep a couple of our own meals.

chopped veggies

Kitchen Privileges~!

two bowls of soup two cans of Imperial Beer

Coconut Soup a la Woody (personally, I think he could open a restaurant with this recipe alone!)

I was surprised at the cost of locally grown items. Yuca (pronounced YOU-ka), bananas, coffee, are relatively expensive considering these are fresh-local items. Buy a box of granola bars or crackers, and the price escalates dramatically due to import costs.

Hence, beans and rice can be a staple for every meal of the day.

3. Sewer System Protocol

All sewers have limits, and like many places in the world, in Costa Rica you cannot flush TP down the toilet. Technically, this is more environmentally friendly: no over-engineering and no over-caustic chemicals needed to deal with non-essentials tossed in the loo. Nonetheless, it’s difficult to get accustomed to. Don’t worry folks – no pics!

4. The Currency

Seriously, I couldn’t come up with four things – so I’m throwing this one in. In Costa Rica they welcome the US Dollar, but you generally get a better return when you use their local currency, the Colón. The problem is, there are 571 Colones to the Dollar – not easy to quickly calculate in your head. Well, MY head.

Seeing so many zeros at the end of your bill can make your heart skip a beat.


I didn’t come up with strong enough reasons to miss Costa Rica! That’s the bottom line. Costa Rica offers so much variety – it has something for just about everyone.

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