Coming Up Dry

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I’m having a difficult time coming up with a post this week. I’m jealous, Woody can throw a post together in no time flat. Me, I have to coax something out. Usually my photos are a source for inspiration, however this week, there were a mere seven, sad-looking pics.

Bridge on Grass

Bridge on Grass

Maybe, if I hadn’t dropped the ball in keeping the daily, 10-minute conversation with someone new, commitment I made to myself, I might have something to write about.

Upon reflection, I see I have been involved in small scale, regular ole life stuff. I have taken this time  to practice cooking. I especially enjoy figuring out what to do with what we have lying around. We have a lot lying these days. Neighbors bring us garden overflow. Or, if you have a Maribel next door, she just brings. I’ve burnt a dinner. A first for me. I’ve made a new favorite salad, avocado and pink grapefruit. (THAT’s what I should have taken a picture of!)

We have also established a bit of a routine around here. I’ve become responsible for the salad every night. I’ll occasionally prepare the main dish, or Catherine will; Woody does any BBQ. We always have 4 people for dinner, up to 6 once or twice a week, and even more every four weeks or so.

I'm serious!

I’m serious!

So, I’m getting pretty good, in my humble opinion. (Regardless of the one burned dish. Ugh.)

As I try to “coax more ideas,” I notice the shadows are getting longer. You know what that means. . . well, actually, I’m not really sure what I mean by that, other than I know it means Woody, Carlos & I need to figure out which way to go. This time of year is an awesome time to travel: kids are back in school, the weather is mild, fewer crowds, and other than the one or two shops that are “Open Only Weekends after Labor Day”, it’s a great time to hit the road.highway companion

Actually, I think I’m even looking forward to listening to the familiar playlists again. Wow, that is a sign we’ve been in one place a long time.

Now, Carlos on the other hand. . . he couldn’t care less about our playlists. And, to mention, it seems he has acquired an increased appreciation for familiar territories, routines, and air conditioning. Thinking ahead, I’m uneasy….


I’m working very hard to focus on the present.p1030141

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