My Color Palette will be Caribbean Blue

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p1030555Help, I am trapped in an all-inclusive resort!

OK, OK, “help!” is not the right word. You see, I’m someone who gets stuck when going the all-inclusive route. For example, I eat the all-inclusive food, drink the all-inclusive drinks, see the all-inclusive shows, watch the silly all-inclusive games. . .

Dance the All-Inclusive Congo Line

Dance the All-Inclusive Congo Line

My thinking is, I paid for it, I’m darn well going to consume it. The result is, I miss out on the genuine culture, cuisine, and experience of a foreign country. 

I went to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Originally called Punta Borrachon, which actually may be more fitting, as it translates to “Drunken Point’, the name was changed by developers in the vacation business. It wasn’t until the mid 80’s, when Punta Cana slowly transitioned to a vacation destination. Prior, it had thick forbidding jungles, deep potholed roads, sprinkled with remote fishing villages. This old Punta sounds right up my alley. 

Just starting to wane

Moon, just starting to wane


Christmas Palm (also known as Manila Palm)

Christmas Palm (also known as Manila Palm)


Resort!, Resort!, Resort!

Those days are gone, today it screams “resort”. This is the first resort destination I have been to since our launch in May, 2015.  After this visit, I can conclude I don’t need the resort experience – I don’t, “need a vacation.” As a result, I didn’t appreciate it as much. My favorite experience – actually, it was a realization – was I didn’t feel utter dread at the notion of returning. The rat race which used to await me is no longer. Today, I have only new experiences ahead of me, no dread there!

Maybe it was that one factor – not needing a vacation – which made this trip less favorable. The circle of friends on the other hand, was what the journey was about, and for that reason, the trip was worth it. We reconnected, picked up where we left off, made each other laugh, and enjoyed each other’s company. That’s a rewarding trip. 

There you have it, my blog for this week!


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