Cleveland Rocks!

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The last Sunday in May was our 35th wedding anniversary. I know, hard to believe. We generally don’t over-think celebrations, reveling in moments when they happen, not when they are supposed to happen. This year we sort of made something happen, we celebrated at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Of course, when we were readying ourselves to leave ChicagoLand, we were asked where we’re headed. I would always have to defer to Woody, the itinerary guy. He’d sheepishly respond, “…Cleveland”. The reactions were varied, but mostly: “Cleveland!?”, “What’s in Cleveland?”, “Cleveland, the armpit of America?”, “You’re kidding, right?”

Pretty sure Cleveland has not been on our destination list, but who doesn’t like rock n roll? Cleveland has the Rock Hall, so has been tucked away on our Museum Wish List. That, of course, is the bigger draw to Cleveland. But, it’s also the home of the home where Ralphie almost shot his eye out. Yes, A Christmas Story was filmed in Cleveland.

After five days of camping state parks in Indiana and Ohio, it was time to wash the smoke from our well worn and damp camp clothes. We picked up this cozy Airbnb for three nights in what has been a very walkable and lovable Cleveland… (brace yourself):

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