Changes in Latitude

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It’s headquarters;

It’s a residence;


it’s, it’s. . .

an investment!?

One thing is for sure – it will be some sort of launch pad.

Status Update: we took another leap of faith. We moved our storage box to FLORIDA!

The thought solidified while addressing housing needs for Carli. See, it tortured Woody to see her purchase housewares we had sitting in our Oregon box, unused. You know, pots, pans, silverware, and the like? So, he pulled the SmartBox trigger, and had the thing hauled to her digs.

“Her” digs.

Carli has 10% invested, but we’re holding the balance; so it’s mostly, our digs. How will all the little details play out? Let’s just say we know we should do something official. . . And, as a “seen it all” escrow closer, I am very aware of the stupidity involved here.

Regardless, the decision seemed to solve Carli’s situation, and fill a couple of holes we had in our vagabond lifestyle. For example, I have an address! Prior to this journey, I had no idea how much the world needs to know, where you live – and, “anywhere I want,” is NOT an acceptable answer. This point made me uncomfortable; each vendor wanted my residence, and I didn’t have one. No matter which address I offered (I had three mail-accomplices!,) I felt like I was misrepresenting myself. I know there are services that assist with handling your personal mail, but the cost to the benefit, didn’t pencil out. And, is that really your residence, anyway? I’m just glad this debate is over.

I also feel good about investing in real estate. Don’t get me wrong, there are no regrets about liquidating all previous real property. But, in hindsight, a diversified portfolio makes sense. Especially while braving the stock market.

And, on the emotional level, I was stoked when I heard enthusiasm in Carli’s voice, as she sorted through art from the family home. I like to see them hanging on the walls again. The black and white photos of old ladies – one from Uzbekistan, and the other a post WWII German farmer – didn’t make the cut. Also, any of the gloomy and moody varieties, seemed to stay in their boxes.

"Really, this is gloomy?" Left Overs, woodcut by John Jones

“Really, this is gloomy?”
Left Overs, woodcut by John Jones

The big headache, is all the gritty detail associated with a move. Insurance, Utility Bills, Property Taxes . . .the very things I celebrated being rid of, only 8 short months ago! As I navigate phone trees, I have the time to contemplate these renewed obligations. Ooh boy, I’ve been riding the emotional roller coaster, “what-am-I-doing-thoughts” circulating, while on hold. . .

Here’s our deal: a 1300ish sqft townhouse within a mix of duplexes, and single family dwellings, just about 80% owner occupied, awesomely DOG FRIENDLY, there are 2 master suites with dedicated bathrooms, and laundry facility up stairs; downstairs: open kitchen/dining/living plan with half bath – or a Powder Room. Ha! Two car garage with enclosed patio, and lively pond in the back. Nice, peaceful, park-like surroundings, right out our door.

Park-like Setting

Park-like Setting

We’ve seen a very shy alligator in there,

Maximum Focal Length in use

Maximum Focal Length in use

some sort of otter, which gave me a run for my money in capturing an image. I must have a dozen images of only ripple rings!

Not Carlos Swimming

Not Carlos Swimming

Mega variety of birds. Water birds, birds of prey, song birds, fat birds, skinny birds, even angry birds!



It made the day for Woody when he actually caught a fish in that pond.

Strictly catch-and-release here

Strictly catch-and-release here

We think a bass. But I’m no judge – the last bass I saw, sang, “Take Me To the River.” Which is just what we did for this guy.

What this all boils down to: I am now a Floridian, at least on paper. I am not alone either, there has been an average of 1000 new Florida residents PER DAY! (between July 2014 and July 2015.)

I even registered republican! I crack myself up sometimes…

Sincerely, I look forward to exploring the state, we found our snorkel gear at Carli’s rental- I had completely forgotten we shipped it to her over a year ago! we have a handful of loose ends to tie up, and we hope to be off again – I’ll be ready get my feet wet!

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8 thoughts on “Changes in Latitude

  1. Robert Scott

    Hali, can you just imagine how your dad would react to this election . . . not to mention your registering as a Republican? Heh heh.

    1. Hali Post author

      Could you imagine!? But, more than anything, I adore you for keeping the memory of him fresh & alive. I find myself musing the question, “how dad would react to…” all the time, and for all sorts of things. Thanks your thoughts Bob!

  2. Robert Scott

    Hali, can you just imagine how your dad would react to this election . . . not to mention your registering as a Republican? Heh heh.

  3. Linda Bilyeu

    I love the pic of Carli in front of the castle with her Little Mermaid skirt on. She is beautiful!
    Audrey is doing great and Dave has stepped up a lot! He even got groceries at Trader Joes.
    Cricket has been so good walking with me everyday. Miss having you along.

    1. Hali Post author

      Loved the morning walks! And, a very big Thank You, for all the help with Cricket. Knowing she’s getting good exercise and fresh air, makes all of us feel better…

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