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We Interrupt this Travel Blog to bring you this Important Message:

After we disembarked our Alaskan cruise it didn’t take long for my cell phone to locate towers and click off a handful of updates.

I realize it says to “call tomorrow”, but that could’ve been sent DAYS ago. A town of 2800 people… find wifi? I feel lucky we have cell service. A coffee shop has their form of wifi and I call. Sarah says she has a video she’s going to send, and then call her back. Well, the video won’t load, I see it’s Devon and it stalls, then freezes and refuses to reload.

Woody knows this town has a library, so we head that direction. Success!. The message is an invitation to join Devon in Los Angeles during a layover from Australia. He will be proposing to Carli. We just need to figure out how to get to LA in less than a week, from Alaska.

Make Your Way to LA

Four separate parties, coming from 4 different time zones, to fit a proposal in a 7 hour layover. Like you, I’m thinking, how is this ever going to come together? Like, planes are *always* on time… custom lines are *never* that long... LA traffic is *so easy* to navigate … My list of “what ifs” are long and I work hard to keep most of it to myself and just show up as requested.

Dream Team and Fairy Dust

I probably should have guessed everything would come together like magic. Carli & Devon somehow have the universe on speed dial. And, they also have Sarah & Scott, two magicians… without their tireless efforts (and a little luck or maybe fairy dust) this day would not have been half as glorious.

The Wishing Star
I just can’t get enough of these guys!!

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  1. iamdevon11

    …and a huge shoutout to our photographer and special guests for clue Number 3 who both surprised her and gave her clue Number 4. Couldn’t have done it without them AT ALL! Beautiful post and amazing videos! Like you said, “can’t get that day out of my head”. Just one of the greatest memories. Glad to join the Pope family #dopebeingpope


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