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After bubbling over with enthusiasm about our immediate travel plans, what followed was a week of “where do I start?” See, packing for camping – pots, pans, cooler, blankets – are not exactly what we’ll be needing in Spain. And then, there are the layers associated with the rugged Thor. Suddenly, the checklist seemed long, and the timing short. Yipe!

Like a dog chasing its tail

We had transmission work done not too long ago – the clutch is now smooth as butter. Randomly, the temperature gauge decided to poop out. So, talking to “our guy” – the diligent and tenacious Jason, of Jason’s Bug Ranch, here in Winter Garden – we learned these old Vanagon’s instrument clusters get brittle, it becomes fragile and fails.

Crap, “instrument cluster”?! Sounds serious. Turns out, it’s just electronics encased in blue Reynolds wrap. Sitting right beneath the dashboard shelf, it’s amazing it’s lasted this long!

Vanagon "Instrument Cluster"

Vanagon “Instrument Cluster”

Jason was concerned that this part – at least a decent one – would be tricky to find. So, we weren’t too optimistic. We scoured the internet to see what we could come up with. Luckily, we aren’t the only diehards willing to sink more $$ into an ancient Volkswagen, and GoWesty is producing new ones (not in Reynolds wrap) that will slip right where the old one was.

Of course, the temperature gauge started working the day the new panel arrived. Combination of Murphy’s Law and Volkswagen Voodoo!

And, now, the horn doesn’t work. Called attention to itself with a faint, hallow whisper. It said, hooood byyyyye. What the heck was that? I said, I think it was the horn. Yup, it was the horn.

Clearing “Our” Space

We have had the luxury of completely spreading out, and calling Carli’s home, home. We know a couple neighbors, have library cards, and participate in community events.

Paint Party at the Club House!

The challenge now, is giving back the space to Carli. She has loose plans to have a tenant/housemate rent the extra bedroom. I have the room set up like an office, not a bedroom. The closet is storage, and the bathroom – well, that part will be easy! But this still makes for another checklist.

Woody & I have become big fans of The Minimalistsblack and white of the minimalists hali & woodyIf you aren’t familiar with them – please check out that link, they have a great website, and good advise. They actually turned down Google’s offer to advertise on their site – thousands and thousands dollars of revenue, rejected. They’re the real deal. They have given me inspiration for one more push to say goodbye to things.

It’s difficult to admit that I still have things I should let go of. There’s a heavy robe which made great padding in the move, more work suits (!), my fathers neckties, yearbooks, paperback books. . . Honestly, I haven’t finished combing through, so this list will get longer in the days to come.

Housekeeping Checklist

We have the traditional housekeeping to tackle, but we can’t forget tasks such as doctor appointments to fit in, taxes to finish, mending to do, a test-camp-trip would be nice, and of course NASHVILLE is in a couple weeks! No matter, with our “schedule”, we just don’t leave until it IS done.Vanagon spray painted with "Oregon or Bust" - we can mark this off the checklist!



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