Backseat Traveler Part II

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Well, I needed a little escapism this last week, and that’s just what I did. I went to the fictional East African village of Harambe africa_full_24206dsc_9441and the Asian kingdom of Anandapur. In Sanskrit, Anandapur translates to “Place of many delights”, and, that’s what I was looking for. p1040113p1040081

These make-believe destinations are within Disney’s Animal Kingdom. So again, I went and played pretend traveler. Here are my photos of the excursion:p1040099


Baby Boomers Born Year of the Tiger

p1040084 p1040087

And no trip to Animal Kingdom is complete without seeing the actual animals. Our safari ride was a bumping one, so apologize for any fuzzy images (no pun intended!) Here are a few:p1040152p1040144
p1040150 p1000871

Get a load of these completely opposing countenances:

p1040115 p1040118

And what do you call a group of two or more owls? A parliament, of course.

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