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P1030206You want to know what we’ve been up to this week? Well, we took a couple bicycles out for a spin. The Morton Arboretum is nearby and makes for a very nice ride. It’s flatlander country, luckily, because if the hills got any bigger, I would be having a difficult time.

We’ve taken a hike or two in the arboretum as well, saw Big Rock. P1030253

It must be special for folks who live in flatlander country, ’cause this rock was not too exciting for us.

Yup, the size of an elephant, alright. . .

Yup, the size of an elephant, alright. . .

I’ve acted as an agent, getting several things on Craigslist, Letgo and Ebay. For some reason, I’m not having success within Chicago’s Craigslist (or, Letgo, for that matter.) Things I believe would move quickly in Portland, just aren’t moving at all. I’m not sure if it’s simply a different audience, or if it’s the sprawled-out nature of Chicagoland; who wants to fight traffic for a bunch of antique chairs, in need of repair? On the other hand, I am absolutely thrilled to say, the Gucci luggage finally got a bid on Ebay. It has taken multiple efforts to find a buyer, I mean, why wouldn’t someone want sturdy (translate heavy) leather, structurally sound (translate no wheels,) luggage? Just think, it will be going out the door next week. . . yayP1020718

I’ve continued with my kitchen appliance fact finding. Went to a Sub-Zero/Wolf Showroom where they demonstrated their line of appliances while preparing a 9 course meal for invited guests. They even served complimentary wine & beer!P1030231

Food Photoshoot

Food Photoshoot

I’ve participated in tree shopping, P1030245

scrutinized kitchen plans, played with a yoyo, obtained quotes for windows, practiced tarot (!), got rid of a refrigerator, sorted through a 5 drawer file cabinet, untangled kites.

Essentially, it’s been a productive week…



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