Alzheimer’s in Chicagoland

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Down the Rabbit Hole

What twists & turns living with Alzheimer’s is… a territory where hiding garbage in the sofa, under the bed or in the neighbors’ bushes, is a thing. Where painting fingernails and removing it, painting & removing, painting & removing – a dozen times, is part of a day. Where misplaced perfume demands an immediate trip to Macy’s. Heaven forbid I’m without the perfume I never use… Or, where a lost purse is not the worry, but the phone charger which was in it, is. Then there was the most recent trip to the doctor where we learn it is our power of suggestion which lands us there – Maribel is just fine.

spinning down a rabbit hole

hang on!!

We don’t let the successes go unnoticed. Our celebrations include: down to one cigarette a day, setting the table without a plate missing,

table set with one plate misplaced from flatware

An (almost) perfectly set table

ditching the Coca-cola for good, gaining a couple pounds, and the occasional conversations without losing the words. Celebrate!

A Lot of Work

I may have mentioned before, it’s difficult to make the day-to-day new or exciting.

daily schedule

I give a lot of thought to the daily schedule… holding the pen forever trying to come up with something to do which doesn’t cost too much, or might be different. I doodle…

There are times I think it is so boring, no one even looks at it anymore.

Water Skiing on Alzheimer's Schedule

Gotta READ it

Nothing brought me more joy than hearing Maribel quietly ask, “water skiing?” She reads it!!  Gratefully, even Catherine took note.

A Different Celebration

In our hang-around-time, I would tinker with the tall Yakima racks on our van. We have always wanted to park it inside, but the racks prevented us getting through a conventional garage. Yakima sent us replacement keys, but they never worked. Yakima suggested we take it to REI, or other Yakima retailer, to try their ring of “master” keys.

Yakima Racks close up

Two Locks here & Two on the other side

Unfortunately, the racks were probably older than their stack of keys – none would even fit the slot.

It took me a few days to successfully pick the lock on two of them, and then I got stuck. I tried, and tried and just couldn’t get the remaining two as “easily” as the first two. So, we drove to the locksmith down the street. He gave it his best shot for 30 minutes. No charge, unless he gets in.

We didn’t pay him.

Woody gave it one full day of effort. Nothing is more maddening than watching YouTube videos demonstrate, “Pick Your Yakima Lock in Under 30 Seconds.” ARGH!

Well, one fine day, I got the last two locks. Celebrate!

holding a Yakima Rack over head


I guess when it comes right down to it:

Life Itself is a Reason to Celebrate

So here’s a challenge: take a moment this week to celebrate. . . even if it’s a small, stubborn obstacle you overcame.

Thank you for following!




6 thoughts on “Alzheimer’s in Chicagoland

  1. Audrey P Adams

    Oh so glad you are finding your way to travel again. You have gone above and beyond being so helpful to both Catherine and Marybel. Now it is time to get settled in a care facility (Marybel not Cathrine!) and somehow restrict her finances for her care only. Pro bono lawyers, please step up.

    1. Hali Post author

      Those greedy attorneys! Maribel’s attorney – who is in Africa now – said she’ll be retiring soon, and would welcome managing Maribel’s money. Too afraid to ask what her fee would be… she’d probably charge, just to ask that question. It’s awful.

    1. Susanna Harrison

      I think your lists are exotic and useful. That should tell you something about me : ) Mostly, so impressed that you have helped Mirabel with her smoking habit and her sense of humanity, of being a part of something. I do believe you have created a family for her…how will she do without you? Ah well, enjoy the quirks — you and Woody have a genuine talent for that xoxox


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