Act like a kid again

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Well, it’s been just about one week on the road, and I thought we’d hit at least one Airbnb by now, but the camping and the facilities, have been top notch. One of my “whys” for taking this career-break, was to take time to Act Like a Kid Again. In that effort, here is my re-cap aiming for this goal:

Nice way to cool down!

Nice way to cool down!

Ran through sprinkers – couldn’t believe no one else was doing it, it was so inviting! Guess we were found out, the ranger brought over “the big gun” as our own personal sprinkler!

this here's "the big gun"

this here’s “the big gun”

Fly a kite – I had forgotten the effort, then delight, once it’s miles in the air;

Let's go Fly A Kite!

Let’s go Fly A Kite!

Checked the coin return of a public phone (yeah!, they still have ‘em at campgrounds, mine was empty;

Played our music too loud*;

Let the dog run around without a leash*;

Dog & Butterfly

Dog & Butterfly

Danced at dusk*, as though no one was watching. . . and “someone” was:

Man, who invited these guys?!?

Man, who invited these guys?!?


* actually, these last few opportunities to act like a kid again, were one neat opportunity to run the show of a two spot campground! It had heavy day use, mostly by River Revelers, but they were to be out by dusk. We were the only campers that night!

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