A Walk in the Woods – Morton Arboretum

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I know, I know, I’ve blogged on and on about the Morton Arboretum. But it’s SPRING, and it’s such a bloomin’ beautiful place in spring. Plus, I have a new camera! It’s a Panasonic Lumix DZ-200, pretty much the number one adventure-travel camera out there. Thing is, I’m on my 4th one, in 5 years.

This time I bought the 3 year warranty.

Whimsical Troll Collection

My Scandinavian heritage has created in me, a certain relationship with troll mythology. Loosely, you’re considered lucky to spot one, but don’t engage the troll in conversation – they’re tricksters, and their goal is likely to eat you. Luckily, they are generally slow, and dim-witted. I felt like the arboretum did a playful job capturing their essence.

Aren’t those fellas entertaining!?

There was more to explore. And, since we escaped all the troll escapades, we were embolden to continue the troll hunt. That’s when we stumbled upon one of their lairs.

It looked like a scene from the Three Bears, and I was concerned they’d be back at any moment – especially with that fire burning.

It was a bloomin’ good time.

So Many Blooms

Like I said, so much was blooming, without much effort we uncovered some striking scenery. What fun to get lost in the beauty, and away from the beaten path.

It was a sunny day, but not hot. Following our hearts, it was easy to get a little turned around. Then, SNAP!




We had been tricked! We were officially “dead meat.” The park was so empty that day, no one heard our cries.

Nothin’ like fresh shrimp.
I’ll grind his bones to make my bread!


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5 thoughts on “A Walk in the Woods – Morton Arboretum

  1. Byllie Epperson-Webster

    Thanks for sharing this! I enjoyed it immensely! It inspires me to go there myself.

  2. Audrey P Adams

    Mmmm — Woody meat. Tastes like chicken! (and here I thought trolls were sweet little folks with goofy hair.)


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