A Shadow of Doubt and the Eclipse

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It may seem “SO YESTERDAY” for me to talk about the eclipse, but that’s what I’m going to do. Can you take one more solar experience?

people looking at solar eclipse

You Might As Well Be Walking on the Sun

Our particular group – 11 of us total – waffled for weeks if we should go for totality, or settle for the 99% in our own backyard. The hype for extreme gas lines, depleted ATM machines, emergency vehicles unable to move in overburdened roads, made us question the sanity to go for it. We went back n forth so often, I was feeling like it just couldn’t be worth such effort.

Ultimately, it was family on my Mother’s side, gathered in a Madras field/parking lot, with hundreds of others. The Little League Fields were extremely organized and well manned. We pulled in around 11:30pm and the 8 of us “slept” in 2 Westy’s and a Suburu. This was a perfect event for the Westy’s. sleeping in WestyWe are considered a car, yet – as you know – with benefits.

Let’s just say. . .

It was completely worth the effort.

I had done a little homework about what to expect. You know, looked at some of the fast facts, and photographs. Well, they just didn’t prepare me for the awe factor. My awe included:

Being mentally transported to ancient civilizations. I can’t fathom the profound mystery a solar eclipse would have on them.solar eclipse

I found myself slipping through the rabbit hole. And, I began to see the Cheshire cat.cheshire cat smiling with eclipsing sun

Then Arne pulled out a colander to see crescent shapes from circular holes.colander in eclipse shadow

We connected with others experiencing the eclipse. We share food, conversation and equipment… (thank you Bruce for all the eclipse toys!)

people looking through telescope

Eclipse Telescope

putting eclipse glasses on

As the sun shrank, our earth energy grew. People were whooping, and howling, and cheering and when it was totality, this energy surged.

total solar eclipse

Totality at 10:20 – My camera could not focus and I could not stand still

GASP – we’re all looking at the sun!! Crazy Amazing.

Do you see swooping red? …atmosphere rings? …raging flares?…the diamond ring?

For me, I saw melting silver.

Brilliant, dancing silver. So impressive and mysterious. The sun changed from warm tones under eclipse glasses, to sharp cold blazing whites.

It Ended All Too Soon

Our total eclipse lasted just about two minutes. The buzz afterward lasted much longer. For me, it was a surreal feeling. I had to validate that everyone saw what I saw.

Getting back home was a bit trickier. Took us 3 hours to drive what normally takes an hour. (I know, that isn’t nearly as bad as what others had to suffer through.) For us, traffic wasn’t the typical madness, people were extra kind and patient with the situation. I think we’ve all been reminded of our humanness.

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