A Saturday, like the old days

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Running a little late with my Sunday post – a very action packed week just slid by. Progress at my brother’s rental has been tedious. It’s the sort of tedious that’s more enjoyable than tracking down a Reconveyance, however. (A Reconveyance is a document issued by a mortgage holder indicating that the borrower is released from the mortgage debt – if “they” aren’t due money, “they” aren’t particularly interested in helping you clear the books.) Here’s my new tedious: getting the components to re-string the

Another "Before / After" Opportunitycords of cellular window blinds – who knew that replacement components are made dependent on the string count, and millimeters of each string?

Or, replacing cupboard hinges, which are exact in screw count, holes line up with same configuration, but the construction materials being 70 years apart, create a situation where cupboards will no longer close flush?!; then there was the one ivory switchplate, amongst 13 white ones, which dictates yet another hardware run. And, on each hardware run, I won’t give up on trying to locate a dinky, dinky set-screw (my name) which holds the towel rack to the landing… the blasted one included in the package, went rogue.

One more: try finding screws for vinyl applications, (we are using vinyl lattice to make a shade patio in the backyard) – no, not in aisle 7 with “all the screws we have”. . . but these

Painter Pope

Painter Pope

just happen to be with fencing, in the lumber yard. How did I learn? Well, you ask the contractors doing their shopping there, not the guy being paid to be there. We actually witnessed a clerk (notice the word “sales” has been omitted from the position) answer a question of a woman holding the pieces of a lamp in her hands, “no, we don’t carry that”, he said, before she even uttered the word of the item, or finish her sentence! Sadly pathetic.

BUT ON SATURDAY, we did a very Saturday thing. We went to a festival!

Now who's smiling?

Now who’s smiling?

The Ventura Aloha Beach Festival, to be exact. ANNNND, we left the cat, the dogs, the chicken, and all the fish behind. (Guess the fish really couldn’t have come, but talk about ‘doors locked, seat belts ON!‘, potential chaos is in the balance, always on alert for opportunity!) To our delight, all was well upon our return, and we can enjoy these times a second time here: Meeting Omar Little, the most ethereal member of the feline species I’ve ever met!

May not be from our Planet?

May not be from our Planet?


And, what beach-side festival would not be complete with a Frisbee-Dog contest?

Dog Frisbee!

P1020362But, it was an Aloha Festival afterall. . . and here are a couple of the lovely Aloha Dancers.P1020350

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