A New Sort of Road Trip

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Last week we hit the road on a different sort of trip: in a car… with Carli… and Devon. A new sort of adventure. Unlike the beasty Thor, we are able to navigate in stop & go traffic, weave in and out of bustling cities, and make good-time crossing long destinations. We packed up with snacks & supplies and made our way north.

Savannah, Georgia

This is now our FOURTH trip to Savannah. I like Savannah, who wouldn’t? It’s so charming, yet edgy. Somewhere between blue and grey. Shit yeah, I even have a favorite restaurant, Zunzi’s.

Shit Yeah

The queue wrapping around the building, to their closet-sized entrance, proves I am not alone.

We gave Carli & Devon our limited Savannah tour, tasted the famous praline pecans, and reenacted a couple Forrest Gump moments. Devon is a big Tom Hanks fan.

Staunton, Virginia

One objective of this trip was to share Staunton, Virginia. They had yet to see the place they’ll be getting married. I have to admit, I held my breath.

Success. The town is SO dang cute, the people so dang nice, and the vibe, so dang colorful. Add a wedding on top, and voilà!

Manassas, Virginia

We spent one night near the battlefield, the Battle of the Bull Run. I learned that families actually packed picnics that day, seating themselves on their respective hills as spectators, the North or the South. The notion at the time, this “whole war business”, will be over in a few hours. Obviously, it took 4 long years and over half a million lost fathers, brothers, uncles, nephews, husbands.

Nice day for a picnic…

Washington DC

The compact city on the Potomac River, Woody’s first time! So much to explore and learn from. Countless places I have been, directing me that it’s a replica before me, the original is preserved in the Smithsonian. And here we are, ready to see THE REAL DEAL.

Well, we thought this was our chance. No more public gatherings allowed, these big venues must close shop. Basically, there was no reading between the headlines.

America is Closed


Aren’t road trips fun?

Yeah sure, next year, this time. Newlyweds. . . Somewhere in Western Virginia.

Devon and First Lady

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We are a couple who took the first steps toward a life of traveling in May, 2015. Staying within the continental US to accommodate our aging dog, we amp’d up the adventure factor by traveling in a VW Vanagon, circa 1985. Our mission is to share irresistible and compelling stories conceived from this life of travel.

3 thoughts on “A New Sort of Road Trip

  1. iamdevon11

    Trip of a lifetime! Thanks for securing this great spot in this great city for us. For now, just make sure you have enough toilet paper for your number 7’s! 😀

  2. Lynwood

    Fun post. Great find on the hotel!
    Fun to see everyone together.
    At least someone is able to get something done now!
    One year and counting!!


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