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This week I’ve been working diligently on my website. Doing homework on hosting & security. Researching best practices, “cookie” policies, privacy policies, and all that. Working so hard, that P&P crashed for most the day on Saturday. UGH!! freaked out HaMade it pretty difficult to get something out this morning. So, you get to hear how I kill time waiting for my site to “propagate” – or whatever the h*!! it does when I’m waiting for it to DO what I think I tell it to do.

Too afraid to leave my desktop in this chaos, I surf the net. No, not Christmas shopping, but checking out other bloggers. All the pop-ups, all the hustling to make a buck… No one seems to simply enjoy the hobby of it. Then, the evil capitalistic side of me kicks in, saying “monetize“. For Passports & Postcards, that won’t be our thing. But, just what is Hali’s next big thing?relaxed Hali

It Got Me Thinking


And thinking. And thinking. I’m struggling to see where I fit in. I’m still teasing out ideas, but here’s what I’ve been grappling with:

  • The vanlifers who portray the freedom from things, yet sink thousands and thousands into their van, computers and cameras – from filters to drones.
  • The youthfulness of the most profitable bloggers.
  • The Boomer generation who cater to Luxury Travel.
  • Influencers who “critique” their free stay at hotels, free products, free cruises, free…

I mean, come on, are you really going to say something bad about a gift? NO, you say thank you, and you rage on about how fab it is.

All this hypocrisy bothers me, and it’s leading me somewhere, I’m just not sure where. I had a vision of me doing a YouTube video unboxing Wart, Mole & Skin Tag Removal. Now wouldn’t that be sexy?

The next thing I know, I’m brainstorming domain names, and seeing if they’ve been taken.

They’ve been taken.

Except one.

So, I Bought A New Domain


LittleBoldLady.com. I jumped on it. Seems like everything is BOLD these days, maybe it’ll take me somewhere.

But, don’t look it up. I haven’t done anything with it, and it’ll be awhile before I jump in. Like I said, I’m still grappling.

Is there a graceful place in hobby, helping & earning, without selling out? Without being a hypocrite?

You’ll be the first to know when I figure it out or when I start moving forward on this… let’s just hope it’s not because P&P has crashed…


10 thoughts on “A New Domain

  1. Millicent Morris Chaney

    Sounds like there are zero perfect answers but lots of authentic, engaged and transformative adventures. Every healthy, and even unhealthy, moments are a gift. Love you!!!!

  2. Susanna Harrison

    Don’t sell out Hali! I love your ideas and your goal to be conscious of the “trappings”. I am learning a lot through your posts! xoxo


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