5 Stages of Round the World Planning

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PlanningI’m no expert, but I think I’m experiencing emotions that parallel the several “5 Stages of (insert drama here)“. Let me outline my present thought of these stages:

1. Honeymoon Phase:

We are going to do this thing! We’ve planed, saved and made travel our goal. We dream of far off lands, exotic cultures, and the challenges of our belongings fitting into a 42 liter backpack. I’m cutting out magazine images of my travel dream destinations. I’m creating a vision board and reinforcing the reason why I want this goal.

2. Let it Go Phase:

As uncomfortable as it is to sell the cherished family heirloom, or as difficult it is to capitalize on unloading personal possessions, we have been in this Stage of our goal for over a year now. We continue to have the mission to “sell one thing a week”, and with a handful of exceptions we have held true to this ambition. It is emotional and it can pang on your heartstrings. When it doesn’t hurt and it’s not a big ticket item, the inclination is to toss it in the giveaway pile which takes such little effort. Nope, not us, we give it our best to sell by Craigslist, Ebay or garage sale.

Watch your Step!

What if. . .?!

3. Doubting Phase:

(This is the phase I am starting to hit now) What the hell am I thinking?!; No one does this when they’re 50!; I shouldn’t leave my career!; what if. . .; what if. . . ; what if. . .

4. Planning Phase:

Visas, immunizations, travel insurance, storage facility, itinerary, budget, medical insurance, technology, how much is in that 401K today, pack for cool weather or scorching hot? Is all of this really necessary? Homework is required!

5. Reorientation Phase:

This is it, we’re doing it! Establish new routines, new marital ground rules for time together, What does the “new us” look like?

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