5 Positive Thoughts on a Stay Home Order

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Last week, Woody shared his appreciation of our cave-like existence during our self-imposed Stay Home Order. Instead of writing on the cave walls, we use a paper calendar – there’s something about everyone seeing the same thing. Any way, on the calendar this week, Devon had labeled Monday through Thursday as the “Danger Zone.” Those days represent day 14 from specific public places we visited in Virginia and DC.

We cleared day 14 on all 4 days. Interestingly, now that we cleared our self-imposed Stay Home Order, our Orange County Officials have imposed a mandatory Stay Home Order. Other than general exercise, public spaces are limited to one person per family, and only for groceries or medicine. The quiet streets, the empty shelves, the closed gyms, libraries, & retail are haunting.

But you know, being the optimist I am, I saw the bright side. A quick list of 5 things this (2nd round) Stay Home Order has brought me.

1. Woody’s Health

Woody has struggled with upper respiratory “things” his whole life. Never diagnosed with asthma, it’s still a lot like that. During exterior house painting, and this lock-down-like life, we’ve had our home sealed up, and the A/C always on. Under these conditions, we’ve learned our little townhome is an air-circulating workhorse, moving and filtering our air. Woody’s sporadic hacking is at miracle-level improved. EVEN WITH A CAT LIVING HERE! Don’t think we’ll ever go back to letting that “good ol’ fresh air in.”

2. Our Community Is Kinder

Are you noticing this where you live? Now that we can’t shake our neighbor’s hand, we say “hi” and acknowledge each other more than ever. In our neighborhood, there has been a chalk attack. Chalk-graffiti riddles the streets with thoughts of goodness. Get this, even Florida drivers are stopping for pedestrians!

3. I’m Experimenting In the Kitchen Again

I love spending time in the kitchen. My kimchi is a fam favorite. I baked cookies. And, when you hear what I’ve been dishing up for dinner, you’ll be wishing you were holed up with our tribe. This week’s hit was the Zuke Dog. My All-American Pickle Burger may have fell short, but still was quite good for some. Just not the home run I’m looking for…

4. Routine

I can love it, and I can hate it. When my life is in full travel mode, somehow I make headroom to miss having a routine: regular exercise, a washing machine, reliable internet or a garden. Now that we are required to shelter in place, routine is everywhere. I may not have the gym at my disposal, but I get my 10K in, always have clean pajamas, and can explore all sorts of destinations on the internet.

5. Fun Family Moments

If you can step away from the legitimate grounds to want to strangle each other, there are some real gem moments in there. We’ve been entertained by our monarch nursery, worked on a puzzle, played a lawn game, rode bikes, have dinners together, and share some of life’s stories. With Devon’s immense movie collection, we were able to create our own Pirates of the Caribbean Marathon Day.

So there you have it, five positive thoughts of a Stay Home Mandate. In all frankness, I’d much rather be on my next adventure, or at least planing it. But, in the meantime, I’ll take each day as it comes my way, and try to find the bright side.

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8 thoughts on “5 Positive Thoughts on a Stay Home Order

  1. Audrey P Adams

    Kinda like being snowed-in, huh? With no frozen vegetables at the store except okra? (Arne remembers that from Squaw Valley). I am busy sewing up masks, hoping to help a little. They are to hospital specifications, but not completely germ-proof. They say they simply are better than nothing at all. What a mess. Love to all, stay well.

  2. Susanna Harrison

    Hi you guys!I just want to say that this made me happy on this particularly gray morning in Tumalo. I love your ideas for mixing things up and I am so glad that Woody has improved with the air filtration…we are happy for good news of any kind. One request: please take a picture of your monarchs. We are interested in the plight of the pollinators, healthy monarch viewing is a magical treat! Wishing you a healthy spring! xoxo

      1. Lori

        I live in California where shelter in place is in effect. Yet my roommate is exempt from staying in place, because she wants to move during the pandemic. She can and it’s no problem. So here in California shelter in Place is not real. It’s an idea.


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