5 Positive Thoughts About Routine

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Oh dear, this has been a difficult post to pull off this week.

I suppose it’s obvious, but while cruising across the country in a 1985 VW Van, or navigating Spain for a couple months, stories pour like a waterfall.

Well, we’re not in Spain. Not in the van. My post feels a little forced.

Don’t get me wrong, this living with Alzheimers is a completely new experience.. with laughs, struggles, beauty. . . but maybe, boring. (When you’re talking Alzheimer’s, BORING is GOOD.)

But I’m from the fold that thinks, “one travels to run away from routine, that dreadful routine that kills all imagination and all our capacity for enthusiasm.” That is a quote from one badass travel writer & photographer, Ella Maillart.

So what am I writing about today? I’m sharing a few things about having a routine, which I’m grateful for. The upside to routine. Here’s my list:

1. Slippers

Slippers!? Yes, slippers. When traveling, slippers are just one of those things that don’t come along. Now I’m sure there are plenty of folks who travel with slippers, but for most of us these little guys are luxuries. Lucky for me, Maribel had a few to choose from.

slippers on feet


2. A Garden

The commitment to a garden demands routine. How many plants have you lost while on vacation, trusting the watering to the kids and/or neighbors? Yes, a garden is one of those delights of my life. We’re gonna have some midwest veggies this summer!

watering a garden

Rooted to the earth…

3. Good Habits

Having a routine assures that my healthy habits, happen daily. Exercise, brushing my teeth, preparing healthy meals… are all a result of having a routine. On the road, it’s easy to postpone, or drop a healthy habit. You know, settle for a candy bar as a “meal”, skip brushing your teeth – because, well, no running water…

arm circles

46, 45, 44…

4. Easier to Commit

Knowing what the next few months look like, I can make plans to work around my routine. On the road, we are lucky to know where we’ll be the next couple days – planning ahead is difficult. I am so grateful I have friends and family that align their routines to meet mine! Carli, Emily & Sarah all descend on Glen Ellyn in less than 2 weeks!!!

5. Saves Money

And, as you know, we are all about saving money. Having a stable routine allows us to buy groceries that won’t have to be consumed in a few days. We can watch for sales, and buy in bulk.

I’m even picking up a little catering (serving) gig today. Actually making a little money. It’s an annual, Father’s Day Pool Party…on what should be the hottest day of the year! 

Wish me luck!

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4 thoughts on “5 Positive Thoughts About Routine

  1. Sheryl Chapman

    Love this subject. We have a random schedule and it makes it hard to commit to anything regularly like a class. The dog keeps me on a twice a day exercise routine (or else) and the garden is grounding. Can’t imagine being on the road for long periods but it would be fun to try sometime.

  2. Audrey P Adams

    Here’s another positive thought I love: “Routine basically gives us the mental freedom to think about what’s actually important. That way we don’t have to think about all the mundane aspects of life,” says Charles Duhigg, “Getting to relegate all those things to sort of an automatic thought process, we gain all the mental bandwidth we need to do the really important things in life.

    “Almost every single species that has survived has the ability to take routines and make them automatic. That way you have cognitive power to invent spears and fire and video games.”


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