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Caught the travel bug in 1985, and enjoyed journaling my experiences. Today, I blog these experiences from the well worn rail & off the beaten trail.

The Strand

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Shearing WOODY~~~ Took a couple walks through Dingle town before I found the perfect place for a haircut. Funny, it’s on “the Strand”. Our B&B is on “the wood”. I’m… Read more »

Passports and Postcards

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One by one, I pick through the little tin box of postcards. Cards I have saved for years. Why? This was our little box of memories, relationships and dreams. Our… Read more »


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Remember that topographical globe sitting atop the bookshelf in the library at your grade school? That magical, mysterious sphere. I would hold up my index finger, close my eyes, dream… Read more »

Weird Portland Keep?

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Portland prides itself on its weirdness. You see it all over town- KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD stickers boasting the city’s penchant for its oddities. Some stickers word play on this slogan:… Read more »

Casey’s Paddle

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~~~Maybe Canoe Bay. Maybe someday, when I’m back in that neighborhood.  Sometimes you’re tossed the short end of the paddle~~~     Life isn’t fair. My friend Casey passed away last… Read more »

50 and Counting

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Last year, 2012, was a milestone year for Hali and me. We both turned 50!! The half century mark- WOW!! What a milestone. Maybe what is more incredible is that… Read more »

April Fool’s?

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Retire oversea for $700 a month? Hali brought home this clipping and right off the bat I thought, no way!! That’s $23 and some change per day. So it got… Read more »

Island Hopper

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  A thunderstorm squall was stalled a couple miles offshore. We were going for it! The twin props spun as we launched just a few feet from the tops of… Read more »