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Caught the travel bug in 1985, and enjoyed journaling my experiences. Today, I blog these experiences from the well worn rail & off the beaten trail.

Costa Rica’s Cloud Forest

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Monteverde is where most tourists know to take the bus. Here, anyone can choose from the  many extreme activities including bungee jumping and zip-lining over the cloud forest canopy. After… Read more »

dinner of meat & potato

Czech Please!

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Prague Everything about Prague is amazing except perhaps the traditional Czech cuisine. And by traditional, I mean goulash. But it’s also such a cosmopolitan center that you’ll find anything and… Read more »

script on Alhambra wall

The Albaizín

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  Our chance to visit Northern Africa was scrubbed mid-October because of Columbus Day. Who knew the Spaniards vacation in Morocco that week? We didn’t. There was not a seat or… Read more »