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Caught the travel bug in 1985, and enjoyed journaling my experiences. Today, I blog these experiences from the well worn rail & off the beaten trail.

Lava, Idaho

This little town caught us completely by surprise. We’d been camping for a week and Lava was just off old Highway 30 AND, if you still read maps, the Historic Oregon Trail…. Read more »

A Head Start

April has come quickly, and with it we’ve got a head start on our 2017 game plan. Winter projects are complete, traveled three weeks through Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula keeping our passports active, visited both… Read more »

April Fools’? Part III

We like to remind ourselves of this historic day a few years ago. Now it’s been four years since our first published blog, April Fools’ Day 2013. Fools? Haven’t decided. …. Read more »