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Postcards are sweet little reminders of fantastic travels, or maybe stones thrown at us to make us jealous. Either way, postcards can transport you.

Walk A Straight Line

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A postcard from a town that knows how to drink. I’m amused that the street light is having difficulty standing straight. Not to mention the photographer having some difficulty squaring… Read more »

American Territory

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American Samoa is a tiny (about 77 square miles) island, deep in the South Pacific and is a US Territory. And here’s an interesting little fact about this small island, with… Read more »

Pray for Snow

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I’m guessing they pasted a skier on this mountain scape, right? Is this jump even possible? Well, thinking about all that snow just makes me want for a cup of… Read more »

This One’s About the Stamp

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I think this was the first time the stamp jumped out to me, as opposed to the postcard. Certainly this postcard was sent with love.  I can’t recall another stamp… Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Lazlo Toth, Harry Jarvis, and Mary Hartman come up now & then. Rarely do they have anything to do with the topic at hand, as we see in this postcard. Regardless,… Read more »