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From frogs to dogs, we’ve cared for them all

Three Weeks in Chicago

Having spent the entire 2000 and 2016 summers in the Chicago area, we just got back from a three week “revisit “. Although Chicago offers visitors endless tourist opportunities, it… Read more »

Project Castle Black

Glen Ellyn, Illinois, June 27th – October 9th, 2016 This long term stay worked exceedingly well for our us. Our aging dog, Carlos, was in need of routine and stability during… Read more »

Go To Duo

Sept. 4-Oct. 25, 2015: VENTURA. We had a Ventura Pin on the map from the get-go, but who knew the timing would align with our hosts’ need for some serious back up. That’s… Read more »

Gaining another Skill Set!

These last couple weeks we’ve had the job similar to a personal assistant, and we’re loving it! Anything from meeting contractors for multiple bids, getting the dogs out, shopping for appliances,… Read more »