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Whether I’m globetrotting, or trekking the neighborhood, I’m excited about every new experience and enjoy sharing my photography, stories & travel lifestyle.

Lookin’ For Adventure

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Woody & I have been playing a little different game these days. We have been looking for mini trips which still qualify as adventures. I discovered if I slightly modify… Read more »

Test Drive

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There are several things about traveling solo that never happen when I’m with my travel partner. First and foremost, Mr. Siri owns the navigator seat. Traditionally Woody is the designated… Read more »

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

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Some of my favorite celebrations are of the scavenger hunt variety. I also like the kind that extend over days…. leading to the anniversary or date of celebration. (I hear… Read more »


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I recently recognized that I do a lot of thinking in the shower. There have been many times in which I start a conversation with, “it dawned on me while… Read more »