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Just a travel junkie trying to find my voice in the blogosphere. I enjoy sharing my photography and fast facts I learn in the places I travel through.

Getting da Groove On

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Scattered little compilation of postcards here to get me some inspiration! And the inspiration found: the word “scattered“! We have just completed our move from an 1800 SqFt home with… Read more »

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

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Some of my favorite celebrations are of the scavenger hunt variety. I also like the kind that extend over days…. leading to the anniversary or date of celebration. (I hear… Read more »


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I recently recognized that I do a lot of thinking in the shower. There have been many times in which I start a conversation with, “it dawned on me while… Read more »


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I decided to seize upon past travels to kick this web-thing off…. And in that honor, I bring to you our very first Postcard OF THE WEEK: London. This was our couple-kickoff… Read more »