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What a glorious Memorial Weekend! I’ll be surprised if anyone is around to read this post… but, that won’t stop me! We made it to Illinois and we’ll be hanging out here, somewhat indefinitely. We are excited to have several projects to choose from, which we can trade for housing. On the other hand, we keep moving the target, which makes it difficult to see the long term picture. So, we’ll see….

In the meantime, here is a wrap up of the last leg of our trip here:

2018 Van Life Week Five: More Heart(land)

Iowa is about 300 miles across. Most people traveling through Iowa do just that, travel through. On the interstate.

For us however, 300 miles would be a long day of two lane country driving HWY 92. And, we knew we needed stop.

We chose Red Rock State Park near the little town of Knoxville, Iowa. Not quite camping season, we had just a a few other camping neighbors.

This was our chance to eat up our camp meals and clear out the cooler before getting into Illinois. In Illinois we’d be washing the smoke from our clothes.

Observations from our road trip through Iowa

Western Iowa is not so flat. There are beautiful, rolling hillsides. It was pointed out, “…that’s why they they call it Council Bluffs.”  

When we made a firewood run, we thought we’d try lunch in town.

wood for sale

No Donkey-Dung smoke for us!

Knoxville is very small. Golden arches and Bells don’t reside here. When asked, the firewood “master” didn’t hesitate, her favorite place to eat in Knoxville, Manny’s Diner. That was our second observation. These midwesterners love their gravy.

I was absolutely thrilled that I could take advantage of MY VERY FIRST 55+ senior menu special! Hmmmm…. choices, choices….

Meatloaf with gravy. Boy, did Manny slather it on. Not my type of dining, yet there was something beautiful about the experience. The peeling vinyl booths, formica tables, rows of pies at the counter, the banter between guests and staff… of course Manny’s was recommended. This was a gathering spot. A sliver of small-town America, and we were in the middle of it.

They use green plates to make up for the lack of greens on the plate!?

Final observation, when traveling through Iowa, stay away from the senior menu. Unless you’re a big fan of canned gravy with your processed meatloaf.


4 thoughts on “Iowa

    1. Hali Post author

      We have the target on the calendar, just have no idea where we’ll be in August…. will definitely keep you posted.

  1. Mormor

    You are the true California Girl brought up on all the good green veggies. That ‘s why midwesterners are called meat ‘n’ potatoes guys. Guess that will never change. Have fun in Chicaaago and say hi to Catherine!

  2. Susanna Harrison

    You all are a long way from the land of kale smoothies…so brave! Loving the commentary and photos, of course. Bragging about yous aplenty! Looking forward to more, xo


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