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hali and woody

Thanks for stopping by! We'd like to tell you a little bit about ourselves: in a nutshell, we're vagabonds. Having worked decades in corporate America, raising a family, we always had our sites on an escape plan. With concerted effort, saving, planning and constantly evaluating priorities, we were able to break free.

We are runaways from consumerism and the all-consuming rat race.

hippie Hali & Woody

We are in our mid 50's and as such, don't fit the typical mold of vagabonds or travel bloggers. You may find yourself liking our way of life. Perhaps you can live vicariously through us, or maybe you've wished for a lifestyle similar to ours... and, just maybe we can help!

To hedge our odds for some adventure, we purchased a 1985 Volkswagen Vanagon.

couple hugging a vanagon

A bit of a mixed breed, the middle passenger seats had been removed, a Westfalia interior installed, the tin top cut away to accommodate a canvas pop-top, then, add a 1990 Jetta engine, and voilà - Frankenthor. More affectionately, THOR. He's the best for continental travel.

We break out the passports a few times a year, traveling close to the ground. In other words, we don't book at the vacation resorts, hotel suites or tours. No, we pave and pay our own way. We enjoy sharing what we see, feel and smell.

What you won't find at Passports & Postcards:

  • items for sale- not even an e-book;
  • pop-ups to "join now"; and
  • spam email.

We are a secure website and never sell, distribute or rent your email address. We are here to share our love of journaling the road traveled.

All your friends are doin' it...  join us!

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