About Us – archived AUG 2015

Final Steps for a Life of Travel

Presently, we are at a crossroad of our lives: random sale of our rental Hali & Woody Heading to Ireland - practice for a life of travelat top dollar, the passing of a loved one we were responsible to, not to mention, the culmination of clever saving & planning over the coarse of a 30+ year career with one company. We are preparing to launch the next phase of our lives with a big, ole travel ADVENTURE. Being financially secure is an important part of making our life of travel, become reality.

Downsize Goal: Sell One Thing a Week

We are in the planning stages of a life of travel. Our main focus has been this one goal:  SELL ONE THING A WEEK. With the exception of our trip to Ireland and an extended weekend in Bend, we have maintained this goal.  Don’t be mistaken, it is not as though we sell only one item a week… it’s more typical that we sell two or three items. But regardless of how many items we sell the goal remains: sell one thing a week.

This selling has been a bit of an adventure too. My favorite story is Woody responding to a “Wanted” listing for garden hoses, “any condition”, as long as the fittings are solid. Well, a crappy old hose we picked up from our rental fit the bill and Woody explained, “You know, I really feel bad for having to charge you for this hose. You see, we have this goal of selling one item a week, and well we’re at the end of the week…$1.00

11/20/2013 UPDATE: we experienced a slump in sales over Veteran’s Weekend – we are massaging the “excuse” that it was as short week.  I don’t like excuses.  And that’s it: I don’t like excuses.

11/27/2013 UPDATE UPDATE: We sold an item for the current Thanksgiving short SHORT week. You ready for this? Woody sold a pair of gross CROCS for $2.00! Go Wooy Go! (sorry, inside joke there.)

2/14/2014 UPDATE x3: We sold our house! The direction we are heading to travel freedom apparently has been mapped by the cosmos. Without effort, sweat or tears someone literally knocked on our door – pursuing their dream of living in our neighborhood. Two weeks later we received a legitimate offer of a CASH closing. 3 weeks after we accepted their offer – we closed escrow.

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