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Meet Hali & Woody

If we could steal a moment of your time . . . we’d love to introduce ourselves, Woody and Hali Pope, of Passports & Postcards.

Our foundation began in the summer of 1979, in Prune Valley (now known as Silicon Valley) which was mowed down in the 70’s to create a new hangout in Cupertino: THE MALL.

Early portrait of woody and  hali - only a dream of a travel lifestyle

🎶 Love, love will keep us together 🎶

We were 16 years old, and an easy to remember home phone number was all it took to make this chance meeting, a long-term relationship. Soon after, a pact was made that we would attempt to navigate the halls of different high schools and make life dreams for ourselves.

Fast forward 38 years, past the parties, the college degree, move to a different state, buying homes, the 35 year escrow career, raising a child, and here we are: ready for the other half of those life dreams!

The original plan was exotic, distant lands worthy of new discovery and heady story telling. Not life threatening, but more along the lines of digestive threatening. We had to revise those destinations due to an early launch, and the need to accommodate our 14 year old companion, Carlos.

Travel Lifestyle Begins

picture of our dog smiling and rolling in the grass

Señor Carlos

photo of volkwagen vanagon


So, plans change, and we mold new dreams. No longer distant lands, but new lands; maybe not exotic, but definitely interesting. To hedge our odds for some adventure, we purchased a Volkswagen Vanagon. A bit of a mixed breed, the middle passenger seats had been removed, a Westfalia interior installed, the tin top cut away to accommodate the canvas pop-top, add a 1990 Jetta engine, and you have Frankenthor. More affectionately, THOR.

We started this journey June 1, 2015. We crossed our great nation from one coast to the other and Carlos was in tow. He’s been to Las Vegas, Winslow, Austin, New Orleans, to name a few. And now, sadly, he is no longer with us. Essentially we lived 18 months on the road with our dog.

What’s Next

Our focus for 2017 is to crack open that passport more often. But, first, we need to get back to Portland, Oregon. At the same time we keep our eyes open to work/stay opportunities that may compliment our travels, please check out our “Help Line” tab. It’ll be an interesting journey without our dog. We aren’t quite sure what that looks like yet. We encourage you to follow along by subscribing to our weekly newsletter.


The Team

The Team