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Genuine Wood

which way’s up?

This little beauty was sent from our very last guests to visit while we lived in Portland. Find it fitting that it’s made from thin-sliced wood, considering Oregon’s timber roots. I also think it’s fitting that the image doesn’t seem to have a right-side-up… you know, “Keep Portland Weird” and all…?

My Golden Rolling Hills

I distinctly recall receiving this postcard while I was living in Sweden. When my host sister saw the postcard she proclaimed, “Oh those brown hills of California! – while driving, how I tire of those brown, dead hills.”

WHAT?! “Surely you mean, those golden, rolling hills of California…?” This is how I think of “my” state.

I Like You

wink, wink

This postcard covers all the bases: German, English, French and Spanish – “I like you!” But the fella is a bit creepy. If I’m translating the back of the card correctly, it’s Winkin’ Joe.

What’s in Your Cigar Box?

Evidence of a Deltiologist

del·ti·ol·o·gist ˌ(deltēˈäləjəst) noun – a person who collects postcards as a hobby.
That would be us!

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