What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas. . .unless you post it on the internet

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Glitter, glitz, costumes, and plenty of tricks. . . I know we’re past Halloween, but this is Las Vegas.


Seven days a week, 24 hours a day, Halloween lives here. Our trick,? believing this town is ‘Los Vegas (“Los” being a nick name for Carlos,) and hamming it up any way we can. Let me begin by saying, Las Vegas is not a place to bring your pet. Contrary to all the images of dogs sitting around the poker table upping the ante, there are no gambling suites for dogs in Vegas – I looked.

So, he couldn’t gamble, but we found a work-around on how to spend our time: got Carlos on the shuttle and headed to the strip. We strolled the lobby of the Bellagio; then there were the lively pedestrian bridges, elevators, window shopping, and when Woody said his dog was named Ace, we got extra attention.

Let’s just say he got quite a bit of attention. For one, you just don’t see people walking their dogs in Vegas, and then, I think there’s something about an old dog that draws certain people to reach out and give some love. He was welcomed to stroll the Fremont Street Experience. They wouldn’t let us take him to the shows, but the shows came to him

We found a little patio where we could sit and catch our breath. Grab a bit to eat. Maybe we couldn’t go to the shows, but there were plenty of little shows along the strip that we could enjoy. Next thing we know Carlos was getting a little goofy, and got a bit carried away. He wanted to upstage one of the street artists! He started “singing” while the artist did his robot dance routine. Let’s just say the guy was not thrilled, got a little belligerent . . . and next thing you know:

Bad Boy

11 thoughts on “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas. . .unless you post it on the internet

  1. Robert Scott

    Carlos does Vegas . . . not once, but twice. Love it. Take care, you guys, and thanks for stopping by. Hope you’re enjoying Tejas (aka Texas).

  2. Paul

    Classic stuff guys , laughed my ass off , here is our new addition to the family, Bella. Check out your messenger, viva Vegas baby


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