The Courage It Takes to Travel…

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…is different than the courage it takes to hit the Publish Button.

It’s the latter that still freaks me out. I have been blogging for over a year, and it is getting easier, but I’m still searching for my content niche and more confidence to hit that Publish Button. Five years ago, I began building the website-part of this dream. It’s been through dozens of fixes, patches, and restructuring. Generally, not by choice, it’s the nature of this living, breathing beast. The WordPress learning curve is infinite.

Early Prototype Header

Early Prototype Header

First Header

First Official Header

For guidance on content, I signed on to follow a handful of travel bloggers. My demographics didn’t align with most (too old for the Hostel group, too young for the AARP travelers) , but if the blogger had nice photos, I would sign up. Soon my inbox was flooded with tools to make money while traveling: write copy, teach English, be a digital nomad. Others offered how to fly, eat, sleep, phone, sightsee, cruise, for next to nothing. Then came the wave, pushing their latest book. Here must lay some grand advantage, because every travel blogger has a book they’re pushing.

In addition, I saw real travel lives unfold, or on occasion, just fold. I’ve seen bloggers evolve – some for the better, others, not so. Maintaining momentum on any given project takes a toll. Most recently, I’ve learned there can be considerable down time in travel. I’m unsure if this will be a seasonal thing, a blip, or just the way the cards fell this time. Anyway, I can feel that we have turned a corner, and new, exciting times

Exciting Times Ahead!

Exciting Times Ahead!

are headed our way! Or, we’ll chase them. Either way, I’m happy.

First, G. Sue (Grandma Sue, Woody’s mom) will be visiting this week. I’m working on her event spreadsheet, and securing some reservations. In addition, we are gearing up for our next launch. Whhooo hooo – here comes Phase Two! It’s so fun to take these sort of steps again: find a mechanic to give Thor a checkup,

1985 Westy

Setting Sail Soon!

review what to pack, and how it should be packed, determine a couple destinations, and evaluate one or two long term routes. Ahhhh, making plans, territory I like. Here’s what we’ve got so far: leave Mermaid Hammock (Carli’s pad)


Mermaid Hammock

Mermaid Hammock

in about two weeks, drive a couple hours, in a general, northerly direction, and pull into a campground. Even after a year of this freedom, I still thrill at starting a camp stay on a Sunday or Monday, when most visitors – like my old self – are on their way home.

I’m also enthusiastic about seeing new landscapes, taking photos, enjoying local cuisine, and gaining more confidence to hit the Publish Button.

Top of Half Dome, 2002

Top of Half Dome, 2002 – Lori, with wave

About Hali

Just a travel junkie trying to find my voice in the blogosphere. I enjoy sharing my photography and fast facts I learn in the places I travel through.

11 thoughts on “The Courage It Takes to Travel…

    1. Hali Post author

      I think you may have seen something along the lines, that from where we are, you can pretty much only go North, or West. But, seriously, both of us want to visit our old stomping grounds again.

  1. lori

    Hali, great photo. Here is an idea for you, a niche. A childrens book series featuring Carlos and his travels. Your awesome photos will be central to the story. Then you come up with a simple plot. A sentence or two per photo and a best seller is born.

    1. Hali Post author

      Other than “North”, it’s difficult to say. We have A LOT on our wish list, but it’s unrealistic to hit it all. I think once we get moving, the big picture will get clearer…

  2. Paul

    I remember watching a travel document in the 90s of a married couple traveling the world by boat , filming there stops, it had cheesy music but the basis of the show was good, they couldn’t act for shit but it wasn’t the acting I was out after, it was the experiences they had, the filming of places like Stromboli the Italian valcanos etc that grabbed me. I have followed your blog Hali from the beginning, always excited to find where u r off to next, it motivates us coach patatos to both dream and get out ourselves. Lots of work but worth it in my eyes, keep it up, Paul


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