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Whether I’m globetrotting, or trekking the neighborhood, I’m excited about every new experience and enjoy sharing my photography, stories & travel lifestyle.

Side Trip to Tahoe

Last week’s highlight was a whirlwind trip to Lake Tahoe, California. Emily has an annual gathering of friends, and they rendezvous on the shores of Lake Tahoe to camp. Securing… Read more »


Back In Black

We are back in Chicagoland, landing at Lady Catherine’s Castle Black. It’s said that “nothing changes around here…everything stays much the same.” That is pretty true, but we feel the… Read more »

dainty rustic bouquet

Deadline Averted

Well, it’s happened. Last week I missed my first self-imposed deadline to have a post published by Sunday. My excuse? It got hectic. The backlash was minimal, nonexistent even. A… Read more »

yellow orange roses

City of Roses

Hey Oregonians, how do you refer to Portland? While traveling you would say, “I’m from Portland, Oregon.” But, when talking to your homies, what do you say then? Certainly not… Read more »


Here it is, another Saturday night and I’m just starting this newsletter/blog. Generally I prefer getting a head start. You know, let a theme digest for a few days. Get… Read more »

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