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Whether I’m globetrotting, or trekking the neighborhood, I’m excited about every new experience and enjoy sharing my photography, stories & travel lifestyle.

sign of Porto

Oh Porto!

Please don’t call the city Oporto, even though that’s the name of their airport. Some random, international miscommunication landed that name, locals prefer Porto. We took a whole week to… Read more »

Madrid City Hall


Madrid is a vibrant and lively city with something to do every hour of the day, every day of the week. We learn some of their tradition, practice staying out past 10:30, and absorb the bustle of life in big city.

On Beach Bummin’

Who Would’ve Thought? Not in my wildest dreams, had I envisioned over a week of camping along the Oregon Coast. Even through the Labor Day Weekend, without even one reservation…. Read more »

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