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About Woody

The travel bug is contagious. I caught it in 1985 while traveling with Hali on a three month backpacking trip through Western Europe. Having a passion for geography, local history & culture, and with a journal in my back pocket, I hope to share our experiences through this blog – whether traveling the well worn rail, or off the beaten trail.

Three Weeks in Chicago

Having spent the entire 2000 and 2016 summers in the Chicago area, we just got back from a three week “revisit “. Although Chicago offers visitors endless tourist opportunities, it… Read more »

The Big Day

Despite being “homeless”, we still consider Portland, Oregon our home. There are many reasons for that. Most notably is that we’ve spent half our lives here. Hali and I moved… Read more »

Hidden Gems Heading Westward

When I plugged the directions for Winter Garden, Florida to Portland, Oregon into MapQuest, the fastest route would have been 3000 interstate miles and taken 45 driving hours-Route A. Then I sat… Read more »

Tourists in our Hometown

The same weekend we rolled out of Portland, we rolled back in-Memorial Weekend, two years later. The first full day back we decided to be tourists in our hometown. We didn’t need… Read more »

Lava, Idaho

This little town caught us completely by surprise. We’d been camping for a week and Lava was just off old Highway 30 AND, if you still read maps, the Historic Oregon Trail…. Read more »